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Jandra and the entire staff at PHRC are the best. I started coming here just over a year ago for pelvic pain. I had been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis a few years back, and my urologist suggested that I get pelvic PT to help with some of the tension that had built up over the years. I was incredibly fortunate to have met Jandra. Since working with her, almost weekly, my pain has become much more manageable. Despite the relief of systems, Jandra suspected that there might also be a hormonal component that was playing into my pain, and as a result sent me to see an Endometriosis specialist. It was confirmed not long ago through laparoscopic surgery that I had endometriosis, which was excised. All in all, Jandra's instincts have been spot-on. Her treatments are always phenomenal and she's a pleasure to talk to.  - M.S.